The National Association of Quinoa Producers “ANAPQUI” was established on December 3, 1983, the result of the first quinoa producers’ congress held at the Factory-Workers Headquarters of the city of La Paz, with the participation of Mr. Simón Yampara, Minister of agricultural affairs, Abdón Rojas Strio, from the CSUTCB, Victor Hugo Cárdenas Advisor to the CSUTCB, David Marqués Manager of the National CORACA and delegates from the different provinces and ayllus of Potosí, Oruro, La Paz and other participants. After a full debate, the congress decided to form the association with the name of National Association of Quinoa farmers with the acronym “ANAPQUI”, as a civil group, recognized as such by the Supreme Resolution No. 202098 of February 10, 1987, As a company owned by the producers of Royal Quinoa, which now houses 16 regional affiliated organizations, with 244 producing communities, with a total of 2023 individual members in the departments of Potosí and Oruro.


The National Association of Quinoa Producers ANAPQUI, in its 32 years of service dedicated to the families of Royal Quinoa growers, contributes to the country by generating employment and social economic development, sustainable organic production, and preserving the natural environment. ANAPQUI exports what is now known as the Golden Grain (Royal Quinoa), a highly nutritious product from Bolivia’s high planes. To date we have achieved administrative and economic self-management, in order to efficiently satisfy the needs of all our partners in different regions and departments of Oruro and Potosí.


ANAPQUI has a concrete Vision and Mission that the farmers responded to and identify with, as it is a social and self-managed company with socio-economic and community benefits as its goal.

Its main task is to achieve ecofriendly and sustainable productive strategies and/or policies, innovating and incorporating state of the art technologies in the production and industrialization process for the Royal Quinoa of the Southern High Planes, then establishing strategic marketing and competitive policies for the supply of organic, original and high quality nutritional quinoa products in the domestic and international markets.



Improve the standard of living of quinoa growers in the High Planes, mainly the producers of Potosí, Oruro, La Paz and others where quinoa is grown.




Promote the traditional system of quinoa cultivation and improve the quality of life of the farmers from the High Planes using environmentally friendly methods such as ecological management of soils and pests.


From its creation ANAPQUI works to consolidate a community economy, promoting:

O Local culture

O Social Culture

O Care for Mother Earth


ANAPQUI is an association of 2500 farmer families, with 15 regional affiliates from ORURO and POTOSI.

Inter-salt-lake means that it spans the area between the Coipata salt-lake and the Uyuni salt-lake.

ANAPQUI started to export in 1988 and over the past 33 years has sold its product all over the world.

Royal quinoa is a gluten free quinoa.

National Association of Quinoa Producers – ANAQUI

Sells products such as:

  • Organic White Royal Quinoa
  • Red Organic Quinoa
  • Organic Black Quinoa
  • Tricolor Organic Quinua Royal
  • Royal Quinoa Flakes
  • Royal Quinoa Flour
  • Royal Quinoa Pop


As well as value-added products such as:

  • Royal Quinoa Pasta
  • Precooked Royal Quinoa Flour
  • Royal Quinoa Drinks
  • Quinua Pudin
  • Pop-Quinoa Breakfast Cereal
  • Quinoa Panettone




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