Prioritize the production of organic Royal Quinoa in Bolivia’s South Altiplano with sustainability, under standards of quality, safety and social responsibility and taking care of the environment to satisfy our national and international clients with a product of exceptional nutritional qualities.


To become a leading organization in the production and marketing of Organic Royal Quinoa, based on an efficient and reliable administration, preserving food security and sovereignty, with highly qualified personnel committed to the sustainable development of natural resources, to guarantee quality of life for our associates.


Implementing development alternatives through the sustainable production of Royal Quinoa, with Denomination of Origin, to commercialize Royal Quinoa grain, and value added products, to ensure the food sovereignty and security of our country, in accordance with technological advances and competitiveness.


APQUISA is a socio-economic organization dedicated to the production, processing and marketing of Organic Royal Quinoa from the inter-salt- lake region; our social base is made up of millennial farmers from Salinas de Garci Mendoza that was declared “Capital of the Royal Quinoa in Bolivia”, through Law No. 2141 Of October 25, 2000.

We have competent personnel, complying with quality and safety standards under the principle of a social commitment to satisfy and the demands of our national and international clients.


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