• CECAOT LTDA. was created as an organization on October 10, 1974, making it one of the longest lived producer organization in the field.
  • It is located in the Mañica community, Province Nor Lípez, Department of Potosí.
  • Fourteen (14) Basic cooperatives, with 550 royal quinoa farmers.
  • Geographical it covers communities surrounding the Uyuni salt flats, (in the great land of Los Lípez)


To improve the lives of royal quinoa farmers, through the processing, industrialization and commercialization of royal quinoa, in addition to providing quality services to royal quinoa producers.


CECAOT LTDA. Seeks to be a leader in the domestic and international market; with sustainable production, of quality and with high added value, with registered trademark and denomination of Origin of the “Organic Quinoa”, generating value for the royal quinoa farmers as well as for the consumers..


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