Ministerio de Desarrollo Productivo y Economía Plural

ministerio desarrollo productivo


To promote, with all parts of society the process of changing the productive matrix, the strengthening of our plural economy through the production of handmade crafts, manufacturing, industry and the framing industries, in harmony with nature, adding value, generating production capabilities and democratizing access to domestic and foreign markets, to contribute to food sovereignty and the diversification of production through dignified labor.


To be the entity that has contributed significantly to the construction of the new Bolivian productive and plural economic model, and for the people to recognizes us for our achievements in reducing inequality and the consolidating our concept of living well.


  • Increase the coverage of labor rights, from 20% to 50% of Bolivian men and women with dignified labor.
  • Combat open unemployment, in order to reach an unemployment rate of 5.5% and an underemployment rate of 15%.
  • Increase the contribution of manufacturing and industrial production to the national GDP by 10%.
  • Double the production of value added products in the country, with emphasis on food security and sovereignty.
  • Reestablish the role of the State in the economy, articulating the central level with the subnational and autonomous territorial entities.


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