Sindan Organic SRL

Representative:                                  Mr. Teodocio Huayllani Marca

Address:                                               Av. Arica No. 777, Senkata El Alto

City:                                                       La Paz

Country:                                               Bolivia

Phone:                                                  +591 2 2852414, +591 2 2851220



Export Products:                 Organic Quinoa grain (White, Red and Black),

Organic quinoa flakes, organic quinoa popcorn,

Organic amaranth grain, organic sesame,

Organica kañawa, organica chia.

Exports to:            France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, USA and Australia

Certifications:      Organic: NOP-USDA and EC 834/2007-EC 889-2008, ISO 9001 FSSC 22000, Kosher, FLO Cert.

Company Profile:

SINDAN ORGANIC S.R.L. was founded on January 12, 2011, it actively contributes to growth, development and technological innovation in the production and processing of organic Royal Quinoa. The company’s main founder, Mr. Teodocio Huayllani Marca, has worked with Royal Quinoa for over 25 years. Initially, the company’s goal was to develop technology to meet the growing demand for quinoa grain. Later, the company’s goals encompassed the principles of organic production and certification also became a key objective, continuing with the development of entrepreneurship in sesame, amaranth, kañawa and chia. Sindan plays an important role in generating employment and promoting farmer awareness when it comes to organic production.



SINDAN ORGANIC S.R.L. works with agricultural producers in Bolivia (La Paz, Oruro, Potosí, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz), promoting and raising awareness about the principles of organic agriculture to prevent the use of chemically synthesized fertilizers and pesticides that may have a negative impacts on human health. This way, it contributes to improving the quality of life and the reduction of poverty in Bolivia. Our farmers handle their crops with care and responsibility, in order to protect health and the environmental legacy for future generations.



Our goals are: to become a leading company in the production and export of healthy food, to contribute in the effort to guarantee food security in Bolivia and external markets in an environment of socioeconomic responsibility.



SINDAN ORGANIC SRL is a Bolivian company that industrializes, markets and exports safe organic and non-organic food with a high nutritional value, developing new products with added value.

Based on efficiency and continuous improvement, we comply with national and international production standards of quality and safety. We remain committed to strengthening sustainability with our clients, human resources and producers; with quality, opportunity and responsibility.



Maintain leadership as an innovative, organic food exporter. Place the “SABOR ANDINO” brand in the national market for value-added foods. With modern technology, competent and committed human resources. And promoting and encouraging the principles of organic production in farmers.


Quality Policies

SINDAN ORGANIC SRL is a company that industrializes, markets and exports organic and non-organic food, committed to improving and working efficiently in all production processes.

Ensures quality and safety standards, complies with standards and legal requirements.

Promotes the development of human resources.

It bases its actions on its own principles and values .

It promotes loyalty to farmers.

Communicates with customers, stakeholders in relation to services and product specifications, to maintain a sustainable relationship over time.


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